Power to the payments 

As a merchant you regain control by having acces to all your data in one dashboard enabling you to increase conversion and reduce costs.

Supercharge your data

Make your insights valuable assets by creating meaningful dashboards with only the data you want to display and track every single transaction which allows you to increase your conversion and reduce costs.

Unlimited hierarchy

Optimise the process of your payment processing and set up unlimited filtration levels on all current and future branches. Get insights into all aspects of your organisation. This allows you to easily identify the revenue at all business levels.

Processing multiple currencies

The settlement and processing of credit card payments is possible in multiple currencies. As a result, for example, money can be collected in GBP and/or USD. This way you are not dealing with high conversion rates.

Automated actions against chargebacks

Our technology makes it possible to automatically process chargebacks. Based on reason codes, this process is fully automated and you won’t have to worry about time-consuming operations issues anymore.

Unlimited hierarchy

Set up unlimited filtration levels on all current and future branches.


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