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Boncontact € 0,20 + 0,75%


Real-time insight to data and customer behaviour.

100% Guarantee

Payments via Bancontact are 100% secure and guaranteed.


Use Bancontact for maximum coverage in Belgium.

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Bancontact is the market leader in Belgium in both online and offline payments with currently 15 million active users. Payments are guaranteed by Bancontact and confirmed immediately. Therefore, it is suitable for you as a merchant and an absolute must if you will be active on the Belgian market.


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var SpryngPayments = require('SpryngPayments')('API_KEY', true);

SpryngPayments.transaction.list(function(data) {
    for (var trx in data) {
        console.log('Transaction: ' + trx._id);

SpryngPayments.transaction.get('ABC123', function(data) {
    console.log('The amount was ' + data.amount);

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