Flat-fee Sofort transactions


Sofort € 0,10 + 0,9%


Customers can pay easily and quickly via their own online banking details.


Widely used in Germany, but also operating in many European countries.


Direct verification through the customers’ own online banking account details.


SOFORT Banking was established as a payment method for Germany and other German-speaking countries. Today the payment method is used in 13 European countries. SOFORT makes direct payment by bank possible and customers do not need a SOFORT account. They can fill in their bank account details in the secure environment of SOFORT, and the payment is made directly.


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var SpryngPayments = require('SpryngPayments')('API_KEY', true);

SpryngPayments.transaction.list(function(data) {
    for (var trx in data) {
        console.log('Transaction: ' + trx._id);

SpryngPayments.transaction.get('ABC123', function(data) {
    console.log('The amount was ' + data.amount);

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