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Bancontact is the market leader in Belgium in both online and offline payments with currently 15 million active users. Payments are guaranteed by Bancontact and confirmed immediately. Therefore, it is suitable for you as a merchant and an absolute must if you will be active on the Belgian market.

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approval_url : The approval url that the customer needs to follow to authorize the transaction : The issuer's identifier : The issuer's name
processor : The name of the processor used for this transaction
redirect_url : The return url to which the customer is redirected after an approval


€ 0,20 + 1,6%

No set-up fees or subscription costs,
You only pay per transaction.


Real-time insight to data and customer behaviour

100% Guarantee

Payments via Bancontact are 100% secure and guaranteed


Use Bancontact for maximum coverage in Belgium

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The integration with the Spryng Payments platform can be easily made by means of our API or standard plug-ins. We have plug-ins for various e-commerce platforms.

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How does Spryng Payments help protect against fraud?

Spryng Payments ensures that fraud will be stopped, before it happens. Our pro-active fraud prevention screening, which is built on machine learning, analyzes transactions to reveal suspicious purchasing behavior and protect your business against fraud.

Which payment methods can I accept with Spryng Payments?

By using Spryng Payments, you can take advantage of the complete package of alternative payment methods, which include iDEAL, Bancontact/Mister Cash, SEPA direct debit, Klarna, BT, Installments, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.